Course Description

So, what’s the secret to creating the business and the lifestyle you want? 

How do you create a life and career that give you the freedom you crave and the finances to grow?

It’s not magic.
It's not entrepreneur-porn.

It’s training.
It's personal growth.
It's work.

It's fun work. The kind of work that makes all the difference.

By studying, training and creating challenges I've permanently changed the way I run my business, and I know it can do the same for you, too.

I designed this premium monthly training with you in mind.

What combination of strategy, study and action have I taken to make over $15,000 in sales - in a week?

How have I scaled my business so it works for me and my life?
How do I actually spend my time every day?
What am I doing with that money?
How do I market?

I’ll reveal all of that and more in this brand-spanking new training program, Game On Girlfriend monthly training.

Using my 3P's: Power, Passion and Profit as an outline, you'll dive into serious, usable LIVE training with me, every month

You'll be able to immediately integrate what you're learning and stay on a trajectory of growth.

Every month you'll get:

  1. 1 LIVE group training with me
  2. LIVE Q&A during the training
  3. FREE prizes and gifts for those who attend live
  4. Personal monthly memos, fresh from my desk, to your inbox
  5. A list of the books I'm reading each month and my biggest insights from each one

I get requests almost daily from women who want to excel and grow. They ask me how I'm growing so quickly, what my "tips" are and how they can use them. 

To answer that call, I created this monthly training program. We'll get to spend some time together and really dive in on issues that matter most to you.

I'll be sharing real-time issues I'm going through, how I'm growing my business and what I'm doing to develop as a woman and keep up with the rapid changes we're seeing.

Topics will include, but aren't limited to:

  • Money
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Passion
  • Clarity
  • Personal Growth
  • Family
  • Love
  • Expertise
  • Time Management & Planning

If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done. 

That's my mantra this year, and I'm very serious about teaching it. 

This monthly training program is the best way for me to share that information and make sure you're pushing yourself to grow and find even more ways to be your best in the "year of the woman".

Start your year off right and join us for an annual membership of only $997 per year!

It's only $97 a month to keep learning and growing right along with me.

My companies have become known and trusted brands around the world. The demand for me as a key-note speaker for women's conferences is growing almost daily, and I want to make sure I'm paying that success forward.

So, you may have some questions... let's get those answered:

Is there a cancellation fee?

Nope. You can cancel any time. The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll lose access to past LIVE training sessions.

Do you pro-rate a month if I cancel early?

No, we don't. You can cancel any time, but we won't be dishing out $3 here and there. Use each month to its fullest!

What is the payment schedule?

You can choose to pay ever quarter at $291 per quarter or pay in full, $997 for a year and get 2 months free!

Do I get to keep the recordings of the training?

Yes! As long as your subscription is active, you'll have access to all of the training videos, even those that were recorded before you signed up!

This is the year of the woman, and none of us can do this alone. Sign up today and let's start working together.


Business Mentor, Author and Speaker

Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton is the founder of The Money Mindset Course, an interactive course designed to transform our relationship to money, the Business Accelerator for entrepreneurs and about-to-be entrepreneurs, and Better Way Moms, an online magazine for moms.Before leaving corporate America to support other women full-time, Sarah spent her 15-year career navigating the corporate world, where she managed a P&L worth hundreds of millions of dollars, worked closely with Marianne Williamson, mentored dozens of women, and balanced motherhood at the same time. As her career progressed she was frequently the only woman in the room as the executive team made decisions for customers, product development, financial projections, company direction and company culture.Knowing that women play a crucial part in the overall health of our communities, it was the Dalai Lama’s quote “The world will be saved by the Western woman” in 2010 that really sparked a deep passion and began to drive Sarah’s work. When she decided to leave corporate, she found a whole new world inside the culture of entrepreneurs and the amazingly creative drive women bring to the economy and our society. She knew her extensive business background would help her serve entrepreneurs as they strive for their dreams.In a quest to make sure women are empowered with every tool needed to fulfill on the Dalai Lama’s promise, Sarah founded her companies and started creating events, workshops and courses.Through her companies, and her Redefining Success Events, she now speaks around the nation, offering her courses, products and workshops, all designed to inspire, inform, ignite passion and bring the power of femininity forward. Her focus is on taking better care of ourselves, developing a healthy relationship to money, creating challenging goals and learning how to lean back just as often as we lean in.Her companies have become known and trusted brands around the world and one of her businesses was recently featured on The Today Show.She is mother of two and a wife to one. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Game On Girlfriend Community!

    • Special welcome message from Sarah

    • FREE GIFT: Know Your Value

  • 2

    2022 Q3 Training Sessions

    • August LIVE Training Video: The Mindest Block That Is Holding You Back

    • July LIVE Training Video: What You Don't Know - Is Killing Your Business

  • 3

    2022 Q2 Training Sessions

    • June LIVE Training Video: Making Money Over The Summer!

    • May LIVE Training Video: How To Leave A Legacy Of Abundance

    • April LIVE Training Video: Comminication That Sells (& Changes Your Life)

  • 4

    2022 Q1 Training Sessions

    • March LIVE Training Video: Finding Intentions That Matters and Relationships To Support Them

    • February LIVE Training Video: The New Way to Handle "Blech"

    • January LIVE Training Video: Motivation, Sparking It, Sustaining It, Amplifying It

  • 5

    2021 Q4 Training Sessions

    • December LIVE Training Session: Year End Planning & Boundaries

    • November LIVE Training Session: Your Relationship to Money & A New Money Contract

    • October LIVE Training Session: Real-time Coaching- Your Biggest On-Going Complaint & Coping Mechanisms. How These Are Hurting Your Business

  • 6

    2021 Q3 Training Sessions

    • Special Guest: Mridu Parikh, Productivity Coach - Power Hours, Time Blocking & Avoiding Distractions

    • September LIVE Training Video: Managing Overwhelm, Einstein Time, Brain Dumps and Over-Functioning

    • August LIVE Training Video: Upper Limit Problems, Barriers to Success & A New Vision

    • July LIVE Training Video: What To Do When Things Aren't Working Out For You

  • 7

    2021 Q2 Training Sessions

    • June LIVE Training Video: Shiny & Hidden Values and The 3 Roadblocks to Achieving Your Goals

    • May LIVE Training Video: Taking Out The Garbage

    • April LIVE Training Video: Your Brain on Burnout & How to Heal It

  • 8

    2021 Q1 Training Sessions

    • March LIVE Training Video: How To Focus & The Value of Boundaries

    • February Memo

    • February LIVE Training Video: The 5 Roadblocks & How To Smash Through Them

    • January Memo

    • January LIVE Training Video: The 3 Headed Monster That Will Rob You Of Progress, The Antidotes & 2020 Surprises

  • 9

    2020 Q4 Training Sesssions

    • December Memo

    • December LIVE Training Video: Social Media Fatigue & Your Business in 2021

    • November Memo

    • November LIVE Training Video: How To Come Through Challenges Stronger

    • October Memo

    • October LIVE Training Video: Stop Shiny Ball Syndrome

  • 10

    2020 Q3 Training Sessions

    • September Memo

    • September LIVE Training Video: Holiday Marketing & Offers

    • August Memo

    • August LIVE Training Video: Feeling Alive in August

    • July Memo

    • July LIVE Training Video: No More Overwhelm

  • 11

    2020 Q2 Training Sessions

    • June Memo

    • June LIVE Training Video

    • May LIVE Training Video: How to Choose Your Goals

    • April LIVE Training Video: Extended COVID 19 Pivot Lesson

    • April Worksheet

  • 12

    2020 Q1 Training Sessions

    • March LIVE Training Video

    • February LIVE Training Video

    • 2020 New Year's Day Planning!

  • 13

    2019 Q4 Training Sessions

    • December LIVE Training Video

    • November LIVE Training Video

    • October LIVE Training Video

    • October Training Worksheet

  • 14

    2019 Q3 Training Sessions

    • September LIVE Training Video

    • September Training Worksheet

    • August LIVE Training Video

    • July LIVE Training Video

    • July Training Worksheet

  • 15

    2019 Q2 Training Sessions

    • June LIVE Training Video

    • June Training Sheet

    • May LIVE Training Video

    • May Training Sheet

    • April LIVE Training Video

    • April Training Worksheet

  • 16

    2019 Q1 Training Sessions

    • March LIVE Training Video

    • March Training Worksheet

    • February LIVE Training Video

    • February Training Worksheet

    • January LIVE Training Video

    • January Training Worksheet

  • 17

    2018 Training Sessions

    • DECEMBER LIVE TRAINING: Raising ambition, knowing which goals to set, facing the "Don't Wannas"

    • December Training Worksheet

    • NOVEMBER LIVE TRAINING: Gratitude, mind-gunk and year end planning.

    • November Training Worksheet

    • OCTOBER LIVE TRAINING: Courage & Planning for "Down Time"

    • October Training Worksheet

    • SEPTEMBER LIVE TRAINING: Congruence for Business & Life

    • September Training Worksheet

    • AUGUST LIVE TRAINING: The emotional side of sales and undestanding personal investments

    • August Training Worksheet

    • JULY LIVE TRAINING: How to release negative habits and incorporate new skills = More Money & Personal Growth

    • JUNE LIVE TRAINING: Belief, Action, Results: How to Get Anything You Want

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