Course Description

Business Mentor, Author and Speaker

Sarah Walton

Sarah Walton is the founder of The Money Mindset Course, an interactive course designed to transform our relationship to money, the Business Accelerator for entrepreneurs and about-to-be entrepreneurs, and Better Way Moms, an online magazine for moms.Before leaving corporate America to support other women full-time, Sarah spent her 15-year career navigating the corporate world, where she managed a P&L worth hundreds of millions of dollars, worked closely with Marianne Williamson, mentored dozens of women, and balanced motherhood at the same time. As her career progressed she was frequently the only woman in the room as the executive team made decisions for customers, product development, financial projections, company direction and company culture.Knowing that women play a crucial part in the overall health of our communities, it was the Dalai Lama’s quote “The world will be saved by the Western woman” in 2010 that really sparked a deep passion and began to drive Sarah’s work. When she decided to leave corporate, she found a whole new world inside the culture of entrepreneurs and the amazingly creative drive women bring to the economy and our society. She knew her extensive business background would help her serve entrepreneurs as they strive for their dreams.In a quest to make sure women are empowered with every tool needed to fulfill on the Dalai Lama’s promise, Sarah founded her companies and started creating events, workshops and courses.Through her companies, and her Redefining Success Events, she now speaks around the nation, offering her courses, products and workshops, all designed to inspire, inform, ignite passion and bring the power of femininity forward. Her focus is on taking better care of ourselves, developing a healthy relationship to money, creating challenging goals and learning how to lean back just as often as we lean in.Her companies have become known and trusted brands around the world and one of her businesses was recently featured on The Today Show.She is mother of two and a wife to one. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Power: Session 1

    • Part 1: Why so many people live with regret

    • Part 2: Why you don't have what you want, underlying philosophy

    • Part 3: Master the mundane

  • 2

    Power: Session 2, Tammy Pack BSN, RN

    • Part 1: Small changes over time: Health, stress and women

    • Part 2: Small changes over time: Health, stress and women

  • 3

    Power: Session 3

    • Part 1: How power works

    • Part 2: Being 100% "right"

    • Part 3: What would be possible for you, if you gave up being right?

  • 4

    Power: Session 4

    • Part 1: The lie of scarcity

    • Part 2: Sufficiency and your dreams

  • 5

    Passion: Session 1

    • Part 1: Slamming the door in the face of passion

    • Part 2: Eliminating limiting beliefs

    • Part 3: The 3 fears that will come up, sharing your dream

  • 6

    Passion: Session 2, Ally Nathaniel

    • Part 1: Emotional Resilience

    • Part 2: Emotional Resilience

  • 7

    Passion: Session 3

    • Part 1: Keeping your dream alive

    • Part 2: Saying "No" and your 100-year-old-self exercise

  • 8

    Passion: Session 4

    • Part 1: Panel Discussion

    • Part 2: Panel Discussion

    • Part 3: Panel Discussion (Sean the camera man speaks! LOL)

  • 9

    Profit: Session 1

    • Part 1: Sharing and money is love

    • Part 2: How money works & your contract with money

    • Part 3: Sharing after contract, how to declare your new relationship

    • Part 4: Sharing, resistence and the law of congruency & money

    • Part 5: The law of congruence (cont.)

    • Part 6: Chakra meditation, your bank account, wrap up

  • 10

    Extras: Meditations

    • What's my best next step?

    • Chakra meditation to feel centered

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